Plastic Plastic everywhere

It was highlighted to me by a colleague from work that plastic is everywhere. Our vegetables are packed in it, our pasta is packed in it, our snacks are packed in it, our face creams are packed in it, our lunches are packed in it. When we go shopping we put our things IN A PLASTIC BAG. When did we become so dependent on plastic?!

I am an avid recycler. It drives me INSANE when people don’t recycle. I just don’t see what’s so hard about it. Plastic is effectively spoiling our planet and people just don’t seem to care. If you are reading this I hope you recycle or will at least think about it.

86% of ocean debris is plastic. When we cook our dinner in a plastic container the chemicals within it seep into our food. I don’t know about you but that freaks me out. And it doesn’t degrade!!

I started by buying glass bottles and tubs. Just this alone makes me breathe a sigh of relief *ahhh* but i’m not stopping there. I have recently received some eco bags for my snacks. I’m not sure how I came across Eco Leaf but I found them on the internet and they are great! One of the bags looks like a funky little clutch – I have been putting my nuts and tomatoes in them. I also got some netted bags which I am now using for my potatoes. Nothing freaks me out more than potatoes when they sprout yack!

I will try to upload a photo however I am still getting used to working WordPress. So apologies if my site is lacking I’m sure it will get bigger and better in time 🙂 Have patience dear people.

Grace x


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