Plastic Plastic everywhere

It was highlighted to me by a colleague from work that plastic is everywhere. Our vegetables are packed in it, our pasta is packed in it, our snacks are packed in it, our face creams are packed in it, our lunches are packed in it. When we go shopping we put our things IN A PLASTIC BAG. When did we become so dependent on plastic?!

I am an avid recycler. It drives me INSANE when people don’t recycle. I just don’t see what’s so hard about it. Plastic is effectively spoiling our planet and people just don’t seem to care. If you are reading this I hope you recycle or will at least think about it.

86% of ocean debris is plastic. When we cook our dinner in a plastic container the chemicals within it seep into our food. I don’t know about you but that freaks me out. And it doesn’t degrade!!

I started by buying glass bottles and tubs. Just this alone makes me breathe a sigh of relief *ahhh* but i’m not stopping there. I have recently received some eco bags for my snacks. I’m not sure how I came across Eco Leaf but I found them on the internet and they are great! One of the bags looks like a funky little clutch – I have been putting my nuts and tomatoes in them. I also got some netted bags which I am now using for my potatoes. Nothing freaks me out more than potatoes when they sprout yack!

I will try to upload a photo however I am still getting used to working WordPress. So apologies if my site is lacking I’m sure it will get bigger and better in time 🙂 Have patience dear people.

Grace x

My failed attempt at Buckwheat pancakes

Whenever I’m having my daily dose of social media looking at all of the wonderful vegan foods that people are making I always come across at least 3 people making pancakes and every time I think “I love pancakes, I want to try and make some”. So yesterday was the day. I found a recipe from the cookbook Honestly Healthy (it is not a vegan cook book rather an “alkalising lifestyle” book) and I thought why not? It can’t be that hard right?

The recipe consists of;

70g buckwheat flour

70g rice flour

300g rice milk

1 tbsp baking powder

1 tbsp sunflower oil

pinch of sea salt

Mix it all together and you are done.


I didn’t have any sunflower oil and this was where the issues began as I only had coconut oil. I melted some and added it however the texture wasn’t right at all. The only way that I could make any was to make them really thin and even then I don’t think the temperature was right because half were dark and half weren’t. The travesty! How do people make them all thick and delicious looking?! I just don’t understand. I think I will have to use less milk so they are thicker and don’t spread out in the pan as much next time. After my pancake debacle we went to a scammel which had loads of vintage cars, bikes and tractors, and I got to sit in a fire truck, so all was well.

If anyone has any ideas on the perfect buckwheat or rice flour pancakes (that’s all I mainly have, I’ve got a bit of coconut flour but that’s for special occasions) then please comment and tell me haha

Have a good day everyone

Grace x

Vegan availability.

Vegan options and the availability of these is something that has been bothering me for a while now. When I am instagramming on a morning I see wonderful products that I would love to try but when I look to see where they are from it’s either Australia or New Zealand, occasionally London. This is the same for places to eat out – which is the biggy for me. It would seem that the main vegan dish you can buy in a restaurant is salad and if you do manage to find somewhere that does something a bit fancier, it always seems to be bland and soggy. Why oh why is there nothing down the road?! Thank goodness for Holland and Barretts. I have been researching the vegan diet and I was reading an article that looked into whether people are vegans/vegetarians and it shows that although people are no longer vegan they would go back to a vegan diet. I definitely think that lack of variety has an effect. If you would like to have a read see Whilst vegetarian dishes are a plenty vegan dishes are gold dust. HOWEVER I went to ASDA yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find a load of Biona products!!! I treated myself to Organic flaxseed, spelt fusilli, kale chips, coconut palm sugar, coconut flour, organic coffee, flax seed oil and some organic sweet potato and buckwheat noodles. I hope this is a sign of good things to come!! I have not been as excited about anything for a while. Yesterday was a good day. I have decided this year to go to the Great Yorkshire Vegan festival in Leeds this year and I am excited already. I have been looking at some of the stalls that will be on (there are around 150) and now I can’t wait! I have roped my mum into coming with me though it didn’t take much persuading. Whilst she isn’t vegan her diet is mainly plant based. We both are really into our organic vegan products too so I’m sure we will be coming home with our arms full of fantastic products and no doubt adopted animals if my mum has any say. There is going to be an outdoor BBQ and music and lots of activities so it’s definitely going to be a fun day. They are also doing a winter festival so I will be attending that too. If you are interested in looking go to the link – If you have any recommendations for Vegan places in the Leeds area please let me know. Or even good websites! Much love Grace x

Avocado Love

Avocado! What a wondrous fruit! It sounds weird to say, to me it’s similar to a tomato as I don’t view it as a fruit or a vegetable, more an amazing anomaly haha. I’m focusing on avocados today because I have started to love them more and more. They are so versatile and can be used in a number of dishes, even baking! I have only ever previously experienced avocados when I was younger in the form of guacamole when I was eating fajitas, and even then I used to think “urgh”, I know shame on me. Now however I add them to a number of different meals! Hooray!

The main thing I think about when I am eating avocados is the huge nutritional value they hold. The fact that they taste yummy is a bonus! One avocado contains the following; 2grams of protein, 17% of the RDA of vitamin C, 14% of the RDA of potassium, 10% of  the RDA of vitamin E, 13% of the RDA of vitamin B6, 14% of the RDA of vitamin B5, 26% of the RDA of vitamin K, 20% of folate All of this along with other minerals which are really important to maintaining a healthy bod. What more could you possibly want? If that doesn’t make you want to go out and buy a load now I don’t know what will. The availability of avocados for me is quite limited. If I want any I have to go to a Supermarket and buy a ready to eat or a single one which will ripen. I find that they are never top quality which is a shame however unfortunately England isn’t a particularly sunny place so I can’t grow my own tree 😦 If anyone knows of any good avocado shops in the Leeds area please let me know 🙂 If you are new to avocados I would recommend starting with avocado on toast, and if you are experienced with avocados you probably already know how awesome avocado on toast is. The recipe literally could not be easier. Firstly, place whatever bread you like in the toaster. Secondly, cut open the avocado and add it on top of the toast once it is done. That’s it. You can add anything you want as an extra for example, I know a lot of people like to put black pepper on top, I personally like a bit of spice, like chilli powder. The good thing about avocado is that it is creamy like butter however it doesn’t melt into your bread. If this isn’t for you, try adding it to a smoothie I promise you won’t be disappointed. I think smoothies/juices deserve their own post so stay tuned!

Let me know what you think 🙂

Grace x

Hello world! I’m here!

Hello world indeed!

I had not anticipated that the first post would be so difficult! There are so many things I want to discuss that I can’t wait to start writing. Blogging feels like a natural progression for me. Since I was a child I have been writing anything and everything down on paper so I thought to myself why not put it out there for the world to see and hopefully something I write will resonate with you.

Things to expect from my blog;

– Food posts.

I am OBSESSED with food. I spend most of my day talking, thinking and researching it. I have gone from eating cheap, processed rubbish to really trying to eat well and feeding my body right, and I feel so much better for it. Some people I know aren’t as open to new things with regards to food and I think that’s so sad because I find such joy in finding something different.

– Well being posts.

By that I mean things that I have encountered which I may have found helpful or something that I have been researching. Mental wellbeing is especially important for me and I feel so passionate about it. No one should be afraid to say “Actually I’m not OK, I need some help here.” Discussing mental health is becoming more common but for me not common enough.

– Reviews.

I have said “reviews” because I like reading books, I like trying new products, I like going to different places, so saying I’m only going to review one thing seems pointless. Plus! It will keep things more interesting 🙂

I think that I will leave it there for today fellow cyber people. If you are reading this, thank you, and I hope to see you again soon.

Much love

Grace x